D3D Engineering Philippines

We are a team of young designers and engineers with solid experience on providing 3D models and 2D drawings for different onshore and offshore projects. We are formed to provide multi-discipline engineering services to various companies on their 3D model development and drawing productions. We are located in Cebu City, Philippines.

Our business is to design facilities in strict accordance with standards, codes, Client’s requirements and Client’s expectations.

We envision our company to be the one of the most-reliable engineering companies in Philippines that provides excellent services to different onshore and offshore projects all throughout the world.

Our workforce has impressive work values and ethics. We are very committed to our clients that even when faced with adversity, we still look forward on doing and completing the job at hand. We focus on work that you can expect us to do the tasks accurately in a short period of time. Our engineers and designers can surpass any other in dedication and hard work. Our strong customer service and loyalty are also reasons why you won’t regret getting our service.

Our team is highly competent, multi-skilled and trainable. We are open and eager in developing our skills. We are familiar with most of the 2D and 3D software that are usually utilized in the industries and at the same time exploring the latest engineering software that will serve our commitment; that is to provide the most accurate, cost effective and time saving works.